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A Cinematic Extravaganza: Everest Entertainment USA Screens "Pardeshi 2" in Maryland

In a dazzling celebration of Nepali cinema, Everest Entertainment USA took center stage in Maryland, presenting the much-anticipated "Pardeshi 2" at Regal Cinemas (11511 McCormick Rd, Hunt Valley, MD, United States). The event, which unfolded on a cinematic canvas, was not just a movie screening but a cultural feast that brought together over 200 enthusiasts from the Nepalese diaspora.

The Venue: Regal Cinemas, Hunt Valley, MD The choice of Regal Cinemas as the venue added a touch of grandeur to the event. Located at 11511 McCormick Rd, Hunt Valley, MD, this cinematic haven provided the perfect backdrop for the screening of "Pardeshi 2." The state-of-the-art facilities and immersive atmosphere set the stage for an unforgettable experience.

Over 200 Enthusiastic Attendees The response from the community was overwhelming, with more than 200 individuals joining the cinematic journey. The diverse audience, comprising members of the Nepalese diaspora, brought with them a shared passion for Nepali art and culture, creating a vibrant and engaging atmosphere.

Director Narayan Rayamajhi in the Spotlight Adding to the allure of the evening, Director Narayan Rayamajhi graced the event with his presence. His creative vision and directorial prowess added a personal touch to the screening, allowing attendees a unique insight into the making of "Pardeshi 2." The audience had the rare opportunity to interact with the director and gain firsthand perspectives on the cinematic journey.

Co-Hosts: Nepalese Diaspora and Nepali Media The collaborative spirit of the event was further highlighted by the co-hosts – the Nepalese diaspora and Nepali media. Their active involvement added layers of depth to the cultural celebration, creating an event that went beyond a mere movie screening. It became a platform for connection, dialogue, and a shared appreciation for Nepali cinema.

Promoting Nepali Art and Culture: Everest Entertainment's Vision At the core of this cinematic spectacle lies Everest Entertainment USA's unwavering commitment to promoting Nepali art and culture in the USA. By bringing Nepali films to the forefront, Everest Entertainment USA acts as a cultural ambassador, fostering understanding and appreciation within the diverse communities that make up the Nepalese diaspora.

As the lights dimmed and "Pardeshi 2" unfolded on the silver screen, Everest Entertainment USA once again proved that it is not just an entertainment company – it is a driving force, a cultural catalyst, and a curator of experiences that resonate with the heart and soul of the Nepali community in the USA.

🌟 Everest Entertainment USA: Shaping Cultural Narratives, One Frame at a Time! 🌟

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