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“दुई नम्बरी”TRAILER


Dui Numbari Movie 2022: The teaser of the film ‘Dui Nambari‘ directed by Dipendra Lama has been released.The teaser of the film, starring Dayahang Rai and Saugat Malla, was released on August 9,Tuesday.
In the teaser of the film, actors Buddhi Tamang, Ugyen Choden, Upasana Singh and others are featured along with Sougat and Dayahang who are the main actors.

At the start of the teaser, the actor is seen firing a gun at Dayahang and Sougat.  Actresses Ugyen and Upasana are seen in the teaser with Dayahang and Saugat.
Along with the direction of the film, which is based on a social narrative, Lama has also done the writing.  The film has been produced with the investment of Deepak Manange, Amala Devi Rai and Jayash Shrestha.  The film is presented by Kiran Nepali under the banner of Red Bird Production.

Puskar Gurung, Sharada Giri, Kavita Ale, Prakash Ghimire, Sushma Niraula and others are acting in the film.  Shot by Susan Prajapati, the film is edited by Nimesh Shrestha and color coordinated by Kunal Kunwar.



Dui Nambari Movie Information

MovieDui Numbari “दुई नम्बरी”

Language: Nepali

Country: Nepal

Release Date: 21 October 2022 (कार्तिक ४, २०७९)

Starring: Dayahang Rai,Saguat Malla,Upasana Singh Thakuri,Buddhi Tamang,Udyen Choden

Directed by: Dipendra Lama

Produced by: Deepak Manange,Amala Devi Rai,Jayash Shrestha

Written by: Dipendra Lama

Editor: Nimesh Shrestha

Cinematographer: Sushan Prajapati

Music by: Jayan J Waiba

Production company: Red Bird Production

Singers: Melina Rai, Jayan J Waiba

Everest Entertainment,USA
Kollywood Film Distributor
USA / Canada / Caribbean
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